What The DESK can do for you...

  • Book Publishers, Production or Project Managers, Editorial Directors

    The DESK will quickly learn and apply your methods, styles, and inhouse processes to...

        • Design a book interior template to coordinate with provided cover design

        • Set up master pages, styles, tags, etc.

        • Typeset said book interior  (non-fiction, fiction, devotional, study guide, reference book, Bible...)  with
            call outs, images, graphs, charts, footnotes, endnotes, appendices, and/or indexes

         • Input corrections/edits with accuracy and speed, returning updated PDFs through all rounds of editorial

        • Respond with integrity, comprehension, and timeliness

        • Convert the book interior to ebook formats


    The DESK can also...

        •  Typeset using a previous or provided template to save resources

        •  Help with a rush project and work overtime to get it done

        •  Enter corrections into your documents

        •  Re-type, transcribe, scan, and/or organize hard copies in cases of missing original files


  • Graphic Designers

    The DESK will :

        • Create master pages, set up all the styles, lay out the text and format everything—including tables,
            graphs, call outs, place images . . .

        • Input corrections: second round, third round, until it’s ready for your client

        • Typeset all or part of those long complex books or documents using your design

        • Apply and monitor client styles and procedures


                     ... all, so you can just design.


    We can maximize your strengths. Our  skills are in the details: organize the pieces, lay out and style correctly, typeset, insert corrections, and hand off a complete interior package. You get to do what you do best and we get to do what we do best; the client gets the best of both.

  • Self-Publishers / Authors

    If you’re a self-publisher, The DESK will facilitate your book publishing experience in any way you need, including the following:

        • Design a simple book cover at a reasonable price

        • Design a book interior to coordinate with your cover design (from us or another cover designer)

        • Create your book in ebook form


    The DESK will:

        • Typeset your book interior at a reasonable per-page rate

        • Input your corrections with accuracy and speed

        • Respond to any request or question with integrity and timeliness

        • Provide complete and print-ready files that can be presented with pride in the
            professional publishing industry


    The DESK can also:

        • Provide referrals for editors, copy editors, other professional cover designers, and printers

        • Help with copyright information, ISBN number, bar code, and library of congress procedures

        • Organize and style a book or document

        • Proof a book or document and point out anything you might have missed

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