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We create eBooks!

If you let us know at the beginning of a book project that  you would also like an ebook created, it is less expensive. We use the latest program technology so your ebook will look great on all platform readers.


Some self-publishers are starting with an ebook and then doing print copies once the ebook sells. If you want just an ebook made of your manuscript, we can create a professional looking interior (and/or cover) and provide you files for uploading to Kindle Direct (Amazon), B&N, or any other site.

Recent Book Covers (designed by The DESK)


Book Covers (designed 2005 to 2015)

Katherine has contributed to, edited, and fixed many a book cover in her work for and with other designers.  Here are several book covers The DESK designed.
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The author of Sober Mercies hired Katherine to design these comp covers as design direction for her publisher:

Curriculum and Ancillary

Pedia Learning / Logic of English started off with their flagship book, Understanding the Logic of English. The DESK designed and typeset that interior, then went on to format the interiors of their first curriculum series (a 500-plus-page Teacher’s Guide and 2 Student Workbook variations), a game and handwriting workbooks, quick reference fold-outs, flash cards, and more. Below are samples of some of these products.

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Ancillary Products

Theologian Cards

Patterned after the all-American baseball card, Theologian Trading Cards is a set of nearly 300 cards featuring Christianity's most influential thinkers and personalities!

What a fun project this was for us. We designed most of the team logos and textures and typeset all 288 cards—both fronts and backs.  Click on a thumbnail to see a sampling.